My Company Buys Houses In Houston

We are Houston Capital Home Buyers¬†and our partner company Houston RE House Buyers, the “I Buy Houses Houston” companies. We buy houses in all conditions, from advanced, state of the art homes in the best districts to the most run down, ramshackle house in the lower end neighborhoods. The Houston housing market is a burgeoning industry, even in the wake of the financial crisis which is finally resolving itself through sweat, blood, and tears, as well as genuine reforms in the real estate and lending industry. With this in mind, my company feels it’s the perfect time to try and rebuild the residential real estate industry from the ground up, and I buy houses in Houston looking to transform the Houston real estate industry.

Naturally, some houses will be worth more than others. A home that has recently been remodeled to any degree is typically worth more than one that has not experienced any remodeling in a long while. The exact type of remodeling can also be important. Adding a new bathroom is a great way to add value to a home, even simply cleaning out a basement and making it fit for human habitation after years of neglect can do wonders for a home’s value. On the other hand, simply replacing a toilet or adding a motion activated porch light is not quite that big a money maker in the real estate market.

I buy Houston houses quickly and at a fair market price. Though I will not buy every home I’m offered, I am eager to buy homes and transform them into profitable properties under the auspices of my company. Some homes will likely need renovations ranging from the minor to the extreme. While I pay less for homes that need serious renovations, homes that need a little bit of work can still be worth a pretty penny to me, and I will eagerly buy even homes that are not in the best of shape.

I’m looking for all kinds of homes. Single family homes, multi-family homes, nearly any home in the Houston metro area is on my radar for my company’s investments in Houston houses. Each house is an investment to my company, and we consider it our business to make Houston’s housing market the best it can be. Whether we transform it into a rental property, sell it to a buyer looking to transform a house into a home or re-purpose it into a kind classification of property, we are dedicated to buying and using houses.